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Procedure to partially remove benign prostatic growth considered unsuitable for TURP (resection of prostate via the urethra).This is not an operation for cancer of the prostate.

Open Prostatectomy

An incision is made in the capsule of the prostate (thick tissue surrounding the prostate like the skin of an orange). The prostate is then removed from within its capsule and sent to the Pathologist for examination. The whole prostate is never removed. Basically about 80% is removed.

A catheter with an irrigation to flush blood and clots from your bladder for approximately 24-48 hours post operatively. It is normal for some blood loss but this rarely requires a blood transfusion.

3-7 nights in hospital. Return to normal activities 3-4 weeks. Heavy activities to be avoided to prevent the possibility of incisional hernias.

It is not unusual to take 3-6 months for all your symptoms to settle following prostate surgery. Bladder re-training or some oral medication may required if your symptoms don't settle on first review. You may also pass dark coloured  blood clots 10-14 days post operatively, this is normal and the dark colour means it is "old blood".This usually does not require any treatment.

Common Risks Post operatively for Prostectomy
Bleeding/clots Both during and after procedure which is why bladder irrigation is required for 24 hours post operatively. Blood in the urine is common for 2-6 weeks following TURP. Clots are common 5-10 days post operatively and are usually dark in colour- this usually means "old blood". Always contact your doctor if you are concerned.
Urine Retention Blood clots are the main cause for post operative urine retention and may require the insertion of a uretheral catheter.
Urine Incontinence Leakage of urine usually due to bladder irritation following TURP and usually settles in 1-3 weeks, medication to help settle the bladder maybe prescribed if incontinence continues. Also a urine test will be performed to rule out urine infection. Urine incontinence is not a common post operative complication.
Retrograde Ejaculation Some men will experience retrograde ejaculation following TURP; this is where the semen flows backwards into the bladder during ejaculation. This is then passed from the body with the passage of urine, your urine may look cloudy in colour. Retrograde ejaculation does not change libido or orgasim. Discuss this with your doctor pre-operatively.
Erectile Dysfunction 10-20% of males suffer from erectile dysfunction post TURP. Some men may also notice bending of the penis with erections following TURP this is rare. You should discuss this with your doctor pre-operatively
Urine Infections Can occur within 1-4 weeks post TURP and treated with antibiotics. Dysuria (burning with passage of urine) is common post operatively but if symptoms persist urine infection maybe present and a urine culture (mid stream urine) should be attended, if urine infection not present the dysuria will settled and is often helped with Ural (a alkaline) purchased from the chemist without a prescription.
Urethral Strictures Scarring along the urethra causing a “tightening” of the water pipe reducing the flow rate. Onset of weakened urine flow, feeling of incomplete emptying or straining to pass urine are some of the symptoms.
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